Outline How Focusing on the Customer by Providing Good Customer Service Is Essential to Retailing

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Outline how focusing on the customer by providing good customer service is essential to retailing p3 Customer service is the business department dealing with customers: a department of a business that deals with routine inquiries and complaints from or disputes with customers. The customers are the most important thing for a retail company as they bring the money to company. Nowadays there is a lot of choice for customers so they need to have a pleasant experience in order to want to return they can tell their friends and family about the company and this will hopefully make them, want to shop at the same retailer. If customer service is not good enough the customer will not feel valued and therefore will not return. Different scenarios need different types of customer service, if it is a faulty product then they will need to get a refund on the product, good customer service should refund the item with little fuss. When a company deals with a problem swiftly the customer feels valued and will return to the retail establishment. If the customer needs to complain then the customer service will need to be coherent and comprehensive. The more personal the customer service is the happier the customer will be. Customers much prefer talking to a human rather than a machine. Good customer service includes Friendly staff Ensure employees who are hired to deal with customers on a daily basis especially at first point-of-contact or in reception areas have a friendly, positive and helpful personality. Employees should have a good knowledge of the business. They should be familiar with Tesco’s products. Engaging employees who already have customer service credentials is an advantage as it indicates they already have the skills and a commitment to customer service. Tesco is a multi-national company and 1 employee’s performance could tarnish the national reputation in

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