Where Does Your Education Begin Essay

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Education never stops nor begins only in a school. As a parent you can not simply send your child to school to learn and be taught and think your job is done. As a teacher you can not teach in the school and think your job is done. As a student you can not go to school, learn and think your job is done. We all learn in different ways and so many are taught in different ways. Whether it is a U.S. school or a school abroad, we all have the same goals in mind. We all want to get a good solid education so that as adults we can get a good job, make good money and support ourselves. To some however education is so much more then that. Education is a gift, the start of a new life, an opportunity to be something amazing. There are so many things that impact a good solid education. Having a strong support system at home as well as at school. Personally not being afraid to go above and beyond what is “normal”. Actually wanting to learn and not just pass the time by. The movie, An Education is Equality shows an African American family of middle class raising their child in a mainly white school. The father is African American and the mother is an immigrant. This set of parents is doing what they have to to send their son to an Ivy League school. They want more for their son then they were ever offered. This film shows how race can affect a person’s education but that it does not have to. The boy who attended the school was one of only a handful of black kids. He was help at a different standard because of his color. Many parents may think this is a reason to coddle their child or not expect as much from them. However here it shows that just because your color is different it does not mean you need to try any less. In fact it means you may need to try harder. The parents in this film had very high expectations for their son. They told their son that because of his skin color
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