The Story Of Aaron Douglas

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Mr. Jones English 9 February 2012 The story of Aaron Douglas Aaron Douglas grew up just like any other African American growing up in the 1800’s. His parents had financial problems providing for their fairly larger family. However, his parents wanted him to have a good education. He strived to gain an education and to become an artist. He was able to go to college after much hard work in high school and some jobs to pay for college. At one point in his life, he lived in New York and became a significant part of the Harlem renaissance as an artist. Aaron took art to the next level. He incorporated black imagery that influenced other black-Americans. Aaron was and still is known as an inspiration to artist everywhere. Aaron Douglas was born in the year of 1899 on May 26 in Topeka, Kansas. As a child had an interest in art, I read in an article “Growing up in Kansas in the early years of the twentieth century, Aaron Douglas had little understanding of the world of the arts. He knew, however, that he loved to watch his mother as she dabbled in watercolors, and that what his mother drew was beautiful” (“Notable Black”). Aaron had grown a passion for art at a young age. However, he did have other interests, which kept him focused on getting the best education possible as well. His family was having financial problem, however, Aaron was able to graduate from Topeka high (“Contemporary Black”). This was the first accomplishment for Aaron Douglas; however, he still had to go to college. Because Aaron Douglas’s family was having money issues, he had to take up a few jobs working in factories (Notable Black). After saving up enough money, Aaron was able to go to the University of Nebraska where he received his bachelor’s degree (“Aaron Douglas Biography”). He faced most of his troubles in his younger ages. For instance, Aaron having to work in order for him to
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