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Great Britain is split into 5 main countries, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England. Each of which has different sized populations. In this essay I will be talking about the population the U.K and explain my theories on why some areas are more densely populated than others. The U.K has an entire land mass off 243,000 square kilometres with an average density of 255 people per square kilometre. The current population is 64.1 million people and it is the 53rd most populated country in the world. (wikipedia.org) The U.K has good roads and excellent rail links. Railways were invented in England and Wales. There are also good river networks with canals in many reigns. Large airports are also found the U.K with Heathrow, near London, being he biggest airport in Britain. Scotland has many ferry’s that move both people and cargo between the many islands that make up Scotland The weather and climate is generally good with moderately warm summers and cool winters. There is rainfall throughout the year and the land is kept warm by the Atlantic Gulf Stream. Cold winds sweep in from the north coming from the artic and hot hair moves in south from Africa from time to time. In England there is a large populated area known as London and the south east. London’s population is 8.63 million which is just over 1/7th of the whole population of the U.K. London is the capital of England which is one of the main reasons it is so popular. Back in the Anglo Saxon days London was where the king or queen resided. Where the ruler was, was also where there was likely to be most money. With an increase of jobs and industry more and more people started to move to London. As a result London had to expand to fit all these people in. Another densely populated area is South Wales. Despite the sometimes wet weather conditions, South Wales has been a very popular place to live

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