What to the Slaves Is the 4th of July?

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Christine Mompoint Rela Pre AP Miss Twing 9/19/10 What to the slaves is the 4th of July? Reflection Essay What to the slaves is the 4th of July was written by Fredrick Douglas. Mr. Douglas expresses his innermost feelings about why slavery was wrong and why he doesn’t celebrate the 4th of July. He also explained how slaves were treated unequal and how they were treated as if they were animals. “What is but the acknowledgement that a slave is a responsible being?” he asked. He used the illustration that if slaves were animals, they would not be expected to follow rules and regulations. In the state of Virginia there were 54 rules that everyone was expected to follow, including slaves. Another reason he did not celebrate was because during the time slaves had no rights. “That he was the rightful owner of his body?” he stated. They could not read or write; they were beaten to death. Mr. Douglas made a very strong point that slavery was wrong. He told us, “Must I argue that a system, thus marked with blood and stained with pollution, is wrong?” Mr. Douglas made a very strong impact on the people listening to his speech that day. He closed with this, “There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody, then are the people of these United States, at this hour….” I think independence means that you have the right to do what you would like to and fulfill your liberties. I believe being free means that you have the freedom to speak your mind, to serve your own gods, to practice your own traditions and to freely make your living. I felt that Mr. Douglas was absolutely right about slavery being wrong. I feel that everyone with a conscience should know that slavery is wrong. Separating families, whipping people into obedience, and working people to death is wrong. I know that Mr. Douglas has a lot of good evidence to prove his
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