What To Do If You Witness a Car Crash

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What to do if you witness a car crash How to be a Witness for an Auto Accident You’re running late for work. You’ve got to pick the kids up from school. Then you hear it: Screeeeeech! BOOM! Right in front of you, an accident just happened. Now what do you do? Stay calm First, stay calm. This will help make it a better situation for you and the parties involved in the accident. Now, stop and make sure everyone is okay. Find out if anyone is injured and if you need to get an ambulance. If it is a major accident, some parties may need assistance getting out of the vehicle or may have major injuries. Watch for any children in the car. Help get them out of the vehicle as well. Call the police Next, call the police as soon as possible. Identify yourself and advise them that you just witnessed an accident. The dispatcher will need to know if there are any injuries and the location of the accident. Be prepared to provide them this information. Help move the vehicles If the accident happened on a major road or highway, assist with getting the vehicles off the road safely; if the vehicles are drivable, have the owners drive them to the nearest parking lot or highway shoulder. If the vehicles are disabled, do your best to assist with getting them out of the way to prevent any further accidents from happening. Wait for the police Once the police arrive, they will take over. The wrecker will tow vehicles and the ambulance will transport injured parties if necessary. However, if you must leave before they arrive, leave your business card or name and number with the parties involved and let them know you were a witness. If you are able to stay around for the police, leave your information with the police and ask them if there is anything else they need from you. Afterwards While you may be in hurry, the people involved in the accident will be

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