What Success Means to Me

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Success has multiple meanings beyond the commonly held definition subscribed to by many. To me, success means trying one’s hardest, making good choices, and not regretting decisions that have been made. Throughout my life I have observed many types of professions including movie stars, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and public workers. It somehow seems as if the amount of money one has determines their level of success. Most of today’s society equates success with money and power. However, for me, that is not the case. Being a millionaire does not matter to me, what does matter to me is waking up each day excited for a new opportunity in a career which inspires me while surrounded by people I love. True success is attaining a balance between a fulfilling professional career, physical and emotional well-being, strong relationships with family and friends, and time carved out for community service in an area of my interest. Endicott College appears to be a perfect place for me to prepare to find that successful balance I am seeking. Waking up and looking out the window at Endicott every morning has been a goal of mine since my junior year of high school, after visiting the gorgeous, welcoming campus. Not only is the campus beautiful, but it reminds me of my small Maine home town, and this was an immediate draw for me as I toured the attractive grounds and facilities. More importantly, Endicott rose to the top of my college search list when I learned about its philosophy of "learning by doing" which encourages students to integrate theory and practice in as they pursue their academic dreams. I look forward to having the opportunity to step into an elementary classroom and begin to explore my intended career choice from the beginning. I believe that this early experience will help to build my knowledge and self-confidence in my chosen field of study Endicotts’s low

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