What Motivated You To Enroll At GCU Case Study

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Karen, Ellis Course Unv-108 Date August 7, 2013 Instructor Mr. Andrew McBroom Journal entries form 1 1. What motivated you to enroll at GCU and pursue degree in higher education? What motivated me to enroll at GCU was persisted of Mr. Fahad Khan. His calm and willingness personality, to go the extra mile. He helped me through the paperwork process. Oh yeah I won't forget the Subway sandwiches he brought to the cafeteria earlier that day at the high school. You know that saying" feed them and they will come” ((lol). Mr. Fahad Patiently waited for me to finish my part time job before helping me to fill out the paperwork. This is why I enroll in Grand Canyon University. 2. How is motivation is important for student’s success? Motivation

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