What Methods Does Lee Use to Present Scout's Feelings About Aunt Alexandra and Francis?

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In the extract, Lee presents Scout's largely negative feelings about Aunt Alexandra and Francis through the first person narrative. Lee employs sarcasm and humour to portray Scout's emotions: “ Talking to Francis gave me the sensation of settling slowly to the bottom of the ocean.” The reference to 'the bottom of the ocean' implies that he suffocates her and always brings her down, almost as if he drowns her youthful spirit/enthusiasm. “ Settling slowly” suggests that she feels held back by him and she has to conform or be seen as to be “settling” down to be the person society wants her to be. In addition to this the phrase implies her individuality is prevented as she is expected to behave like the traditional girl when Atticus encourages her to be herself and not accept society's views as easily. The word “sensation” also suggests that her feelings are instinctive and can't be helped. This shows her feelings negatively as he dampens her and could be a symbol for society as that too, continues to hold her back. Another way Lee presents Scout's negative feelings of Aunt Alexandra is by using the quotation: “ Aunty had continued to isolate me long after Jem and Francis had graduated to the big table.” This suggests that although Jem and Scout should be equal in her Aunt's eyes, it is clear that Jem is favoured as he is the traditional view of a boy in that society. The phrase “isolate” implies that Scout is seen as different and is punished for it, as she isn't the idealistic image in her Aunt's eyes. Moreover, Scout could represent the inequality of women in the 1930's as both Jem and Francis are males and Scout has been separated just because of her gender even though her Aunty is also female. “Graduate” also suggests progression/success so by saying the males had graduated implies that there is room in society for males to succeed but Scout must

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