How Does Tony Harrison Depict Changing Attitudes to Language in the Poem "Them & [Uz]"?

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How does Tony Harrison depict changing attitudes to language in the poem "Them & [UZ]"? The majority of Harrison's poetry emphasises the fact that he was separated from his peers, family and teachers for reasons that his pronunciation of words and use of language was different from those around him. The poem "Them & [UZ]" emphasises isolation he experienced within his school life due to his mispronunciation. Harrison, has a working class background in Leeds which meant he was likely to speak with a strong Leeds accent, resulting in the separation of Harrison from his parents due to their expectations of him were to speak in Standard English. Due to his background teachers regarded him as a hopeless cause because his difficulty in using Received Pronunciation which contrasts against Harrison's attitude towards language and that there is a variety of dialect within the English language which everyone uses to convey a conversation with one another. When Harrison was young he was overawed by his "posh" teacher who embarrassed him resulting in him feeling demeaned and docile. The first section is in the form of a memory emphasised through the embedded dialogue of the teacher showing how he is undermined as the teacher wants to make sure their "glorious heritage" is not "done to death" suggesting that teacher is aiming to undermine Harrison by discouraging him from reading the important roles. Similarly, in "Bringing Up", he emphasises his separation from his mother as she disgusted over him using taboo language. The use of embedded dialogue implies the different view on the Leeds accent emphasised in his mother being disgusted with him and believes he was not "brought up to write such mucky books!" As his accent goes against his education. The exclamatory used within the dialogue suggests that she is appalled with the language used. Harrison also uses a sex pun

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