What Makes America Great

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what makes america great What Makes America Great What makes America great? We all say that America is great, but we all don’t ever say why. Some particular things that make America great are freedom, opportunities and organization. These particular things make America great, because of what they have to offer the world. They offer a lot of things like all the freedom and good government which other countries don’t offer. Americans are proud of all the qualities they provide for us. Freedom is a tremendous thing that America has to offer us. We are basically entitled to do what you will (legally intended).With freedom you don’t need to follow laws that you think are just plane out crazy, you can challenge the laws, but if you were…show more content…
For example in the video John Crawford started a small business and if that business does not succeed then he can start another one. In America you will always have a chance to start over and fulfill your dreams, and your fantasies can come true. See giving up and failing in America is not an option because something will always come through. That is why America is amazing and a lot of opportunities. Our country is very organized with its government and all of the stuff that we have to offer here. The government is organized and you could get stuff done fast instead of it taken a lot of days as in other countries. For example at the D.M.V if your about to get a business permit like in the video john Crawford received then it stated that in America you can receive the permit in a day. It also stated that it can take up to a week in other foreign countries. All of these all of these topics are describing on what as we call today “make America great”. Freedom gives us a chance to explore what we want to do with our lives. Opportunities give us a chance to get back up if one of our ideas fail. And organization helps us stay in track and get what we need done to be done as soon as possible. This is what makes America great we have choices, we can get up every time life pushes us
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