What Is Visual Art ? Essay

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What is Visual Arts Paper John Smith University of Phoenix Survey of the Visual Arts – Arts/230 December 11, 2010 Professor Ben L. Reeves Art has been around for thousands of years. Art can be expressed in romanticism, impressionism, abstract, polk art, visual arts, media, food; and the list can go on and on. Art is formed in several ways that describes and makes up most of the “arts” in the world. The way people dance, draw, create, sculpt, plant landscape, etc., makes up cultures, religions and the way people live and enjoy life. Visual arts, is used in many aspects in life, culture, language and children all across the world. The way that you view art; for example, a picture, nature, sculptures, designs, etc., really describes the type of individual you are and the way you think. Visual arts can also be expressed in different food dishes by world renowned chefs. Visual arts are used to express feelings, emotions, and is used vary widely in psychology to help analyze children and their thoughts. Visual arts describe the deep and unconscious thoughts of children and adults in a time of depression or on the contrary, time of happiness. Different people of all cultures all over the world, express their cultures in their arts. Different forms of drawings, people, what they wear, and the type of food they cook and how they form their art work is different in every country. For example, in Africa, the drawings consist of black women with huge hats on their head that carry various types of food. In France, their art could consist of a woman, or silhouette of a woman, drawn in a sexy manner. Visual arts are all different all over the world. Personally visual arts are not something that I personally pay much attention to. However, when brought to my attention, it is a very interesting part of life. My girlfriend’s friend is staying with us at the moment and

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