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BREAKING NEWS! People always seem to get very upset when they hear about a young person’s death, or even worse, their murder. These stories are revealed in TV broadcasts, news, and from the word of mouth. One can only imagine the pain the family of the lost child is going through. The grief, the loneliness, and hearing others around them discuss the issue only add to their problems. We also understand that no matter how heartbreaking the news sounds, our grief is only a small part of how their family feels. A couple of months ago we heard about Sarah Stevenson, the 14-year-old daughter of James Stevenson, who was raped and murdered brutally when she was walking home at night. We have heard many stories of what may have happened, but have…show more content…
The Stevensons are a typical Canadian family that consists of both parents and three children: fourteen-year-old Sarah who has been murdered, eleven-year-old Sonia and three-year-old Seth. After the death of his eldest child, Mr. Stevenson is trying to deal with the grief as well as doing everything possible to find the murderer of his daughter. He has found a suspect but he is unable to do anything about it since he has no proof. Mr. Stevenson has stated that he cannot let go of his dead daughter, no matter what impact it has on his marriage, and the rest of his children. Sarah’s mother, Anna, withdraws from the family after the loss of her daughter and moves to California to work in a winery. We also hear that she has had an affair with a mystery man. Although Ann did not want any children, Mr. Stevenson and she lived a happy life together. Sarah’s sister, Sonia, who is about two years younger than Sarah, fears that the kids at school will always define her by Sarah’s death, but she is still determined to find her sister’s killer. Seth, the youngest member of the family is struggling to understand the meaning of death. He is angry and feels isolated after his mother left him. He has also been telling the reporters that he can see Sarah. Lastly, Sarah’s Grandmother Lynn, who is the life of the family, has moved in with the Stevensons after the incident and is trying

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