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Karim Hassoun Hassoun 1 Period 1 January 15, 2008 Ms. Zalaha The Lovely Bones In The Lovely Bones, a small town girl named Susie Salmon gets raped and murdered while walking home from school one afternoon. Poor Susie had no one around to neither help her nor hear her desperate cry’s for help. Her father Jack Salmon took Susie’s death the worst. He felt he had failed his duty as a father by not protecting Susie. Jack felt he needed to get revenge on his daughter‘s killer. He had a strong intuition that George Harvey, a strange man who lived near the Salmons, was the one who murdered his daughter. George was careful to cover up any evidence, so Jack had nothing but gut feeling to accuse George Harvey. Then the police department decided to put the case to rest after about six months, after all leads were exhausted and there were no more clues. Jack Salmon just wished he could have protected his daughter Susie from being murdered, but now all he could do was try to get his revenge. Jack’s life was slowly crumbling. First, his daughter was raped and murdered one day while walking home from school. Then all that followed after that was more bad news. There were investigations and questions but never any answers. A few months after the disappearance of Susie, the police came to tell the Salmon’s that Susie’s case had been put to rest. All they had found was Susie’s hat and elbow, but no clues as to who did it all. Jack had suspected his strange neighbor George Harvey of being the one who stole his daughter from him. He in fact was the one, but Jack had no proof. Mr. Harvey was a strange man, but that didn’t give the police the reason to accuse him. Susie’s sister Lindsey has the same Hassoun 2 suspicions as her father does. The night that the police came to say the case was being exhausted, Jack saw lights in the empty field

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