What Is Lyme Disease?

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LYME DISEASE Lyme disease is the most common disease in the United States and many other countries around the world such as Mexico and Canada. It is transmitted by the bite of a tick resulting in a bacterial infection caused by spirochete from the infected tick, specifically called Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb). An infected individual can experience a slew of symptoms during the first few days to weeks. If left untreated, much more critical and painful long-term symptoms can result that can last the duration of the individual’s life (www.cdc.gov/lyme/transmission, 2013). In most cases, the infection is caused when a nymph (an immature tick less than 2 mm in length) bites a human, which feeds during the spring and summer seasons. The tick is…show more content…
People with multiple outdoor activities have higher risks of becoming infected. Children between the ages of 5-14 years old and adults between the ages of 45-54 years old have the highest reported incidents of contracting Lyme disease. If diagnosed in early stages, Lyme disease can be cured with three to four week course of antibiotics such as doxycycline, amoxicillin, or cefuroxime axetil. Without treatment, complications involving the joint, heart, and nervous system can occur. People who have neurological or cardiac issues may require the use of other drugs such as ceftriaxone or penicillin that have to be taken…show more content…
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