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Community Health & Population C228 Western Governors University VWT Task 2 The Ohio measles outbreak of April 2014 accounted for more than half of the reported cases that year. In Ohio Amish country of Knox county, three hundred eighty three people became ill after unvaccinated Amish missionaries traveled to the Philippines, only to return infected with the measles virus (Newsmax, 2015). It was on an April afternoon when the Knox County health department received a call from an Amish woman reporting that her family and her neighbor’s family both had measles. The health department immediately began to test the families by collecting samples, nasal swabs, and draw blood (Tribble, 2014). Once the measles virus had been confirmed it was reported to the CDC of the outbreak. The CDC then advised the Knox county health…show more content…
The virus can be contracted when people breathe the contaminated air or touch a contaminated surface and proceed to touch their eyes, nose, or mouth. The measles virus can live in the air or on a surface up to two hours after exposure of the virus. Many high risk factors come with an unvaccinated person being exposed to the virus. It has been proven that ninety percent of unvaccinated people whom come in contact with the measles will become ill with the virus. Travelers whom travel to countries that have an increased risk of measles outbreak need to protect themselves by getting vaccinated before traveling, this could help to prevent bringing the illness back home with them. Children younger than five and older than twenty are the most likely to suffer the greatest complications from the virus (CDC, 2015). Complications from the measles virus include high fevers, rash, conjunctivitis, ear infections and in severe cases pneumonia and encephalitis (CDC, 2015). Pregnant women risk having a baby with low birth weight or giving birth

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