What in Your View Was the Short Term Significance of the Role Malcolm-X?

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What in your view was the short term significance of the role Malcolm-X? Significance is a hard term to define; there are several factors contributing to truly defining historical significance of an individual or an event. I will analyse the short term significance of the individual - Malcolm-X. By exploring in detail how important he was in his own generation as well as generations to follow, how he changed society that followed and finally did society learn anything from his influence. All of these points will be assessed in conjunction with Malcolm-X and more importantly the short term significance of the American civil-rights movement. The traditionalist opinion of Malcolm-X would include his efforts of exploiting the failed promises by the American constitution – through his prestigious ‘Ballot or the Bullet’ speech as well as giving African-Americans an identity through his promotion of afrocentricity. However - the revisionist view of Malcolm-X can be seen as controversial due to his shifting motives towards civil-rights (His involvement and departure of NOI). His main motive was to give identity to African-Americans; however controversies included ‘revolutionary views’ against the white imperialists, shifting motives and finally ideologies of segregation. Finally; Malcolm-X’s role is significant in conjunction with advancing civil-rights, despite these controversies. Furthermore, as a legacy Malcolm-X as an individual gave African-Americans hope. Malcolm-X can be seen as significant by giving African-Americans a political maturity, Malcolm-X promoted ‘Afrocentricity and Black Identity as an intellectual idea’. Although Malcolm-X can be criticised as not being an afrocentrist himself, for example his early life included aspects of crime through robbery, deviance and narcotic use - these experiences formed the frameworks of his approach to black identity

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