Malcolm X Bullet or the Ballot Speech Analysis

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Malcolm X Speech Analysis Have you ever been persuaded by a speaker to do or believe in something that you wouldn’t have without listening to their speech? Throughout history speakers have used many different techniques to persuade their audience into believing and supporting their ideals. One speaker who has done this was African American rights activist Malcolm X. He convinces his audience of his ideals through the use of rhetorical devices, fallacies, and the effective use of ethos pathos and logos during his “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech. Malcolm X was a controversial speaker who often used the Constitution as a body of law and appeals to ‘the human condition and universal human rights’ to logically assess the status of African Americans progress in the nation. He also used many emotional appeals to get his point across to diverse audiences who might only understand his desire for African American progress and freedom in terms of their own self-interest, political ideals, morals, and self awareness. In his speech, “The Ballot or the Bullet,” given on April 3, 1964 in Cleveland, Ohio he uses repetition, parallelism, scesis onomaton, antithesis, and metaphor to explain that the Democratic President Johnson, while stating his ideals are pro-African American and “Pro Civil Rights” for African Americans and others, are hypocritical and indeed just as toxic for black progress as the more obvious anti-black sentiments of that period’s Republican constituents who openly thwarted black progress through segregation and voting laws that prevented blacks from casting ballots on their own behalf, miscounting votes, or by discouraging voting altogether. Malcolm X states, “It was the black man’s vote that put the present administration in Washington D.C. Your vote, your dumb vote, your ignorant vote, your wasted vote put in an administration...that has seen
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