Is Slavery the Cause of Social Ill's That Plague Blacks Today?

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Lawrence Rigby English 120 Dr. T. Francis September 11th, 2008 Student No. 000-04-6841 Room: Michael Eldon GIB Critique: Is Slavery the Cause of the Social Ills that Plague Blacks Today? By: Garvin H. Shannon While his opinion and theory behind the social ills of blacks are well supported, Shannon has failed to mention that the human race itself, is shaped by its past. In truth, we all "have the power to shape our own destiny" as Shannon mentions, but the fact remains, Blacks must first comprehend their purpose in order to understand what is predestined for them. In his opening statements, giving our oppressors divine characteristics is said of those blacks that use slavery as the reasoning behind their lack of responsibility; however, I cannot depart from the impression that Shannon feels slavery hasn't had little or any effect on the moral fiber of blacks. If at its best, members of the black race have been left with the side effects of this potent drug. I must concur with Shannon with regards to the declaration of self-esteem being more profound than clothing and image. Blacks must begin to use their past struggles as a source of strength and self-motivation to achieve. By doing so, they would've found a sense of victory and inspiration through failure and struggle. Terminology such as "black cats" and "white lies", in my opinion has little bearing on the self-esteem of the black community. With regards to the word "Nigger", as demeaning and insensitive as it may in fact be, blacks have claimed it as their own by removing it from the lips of their oppressors. Its not that they have conformed as Shannon suggest to its use, but by their ::....,;} application, and theirs only, it has helped to miM some the pain inflicted by their tormenters over the years. Shannon mentions Bill Clinton being dubbed as the first "Black President" only
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