What Constitutes An Effective Teacher

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What Constitutes A Good Teacher? An effective teacher must be able to wear many hats at once. Teachers are expected to be inspiring, entertaining and creative, while at the same time organised, disciplined and time conscious. It is not enough to be an expert in a chosen subject; a teacher must also possess an understanding of young people's interests and motivations and be aware that they may be working with children who do not share their love of the subject. For this reason I believe teaching to be one of the most challenging and interesting career choices. I have chosen what I think at this stage are some of the most important qualities in a teacher and have described why I deem them to be. I think the most important trait for a teacher is to be organised and well-prepared for classes. It will be immediately evident to a class if their teacher has not prepared a lesson properly and may have far reaching implications. For example, not marking homework on time sends out the message that it was unimportant or that the teacher could not be bothered. This could have the adverse effect of students neglecting to complete future assignments or demonstrating a similar lack of organisation for lessons, which will ultimately impact on their progress. Whilst teaching in China I realised that the most confident and well-liked teachers were those who made clear plans and lesson objectives. Their students also tended to follow their example and produced good quality work to be submitted on time. Although I believe teachers must be well-prepared, I recognise that there may be last minute changes or events that make it impossible to prepare completely. For this reason, it is essential that they are flexible and able to adapt to changes quickly. I would like to be able to remain calm and professional in an unpredictable situation. I have seen that it is

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