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What Are Some of the Ways Groups of People Are Identified? Essay

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What are some of the ways groups of people are identified?
There are four ways in which groups of people are identified: race, ethnicity, religion, and gender. There are five characteristics that each of these groups have in common that makes them fall into a minority group.   Those five characteristics are unequal treatment, distinguishing physical or cultural traits, involuntary membership, awareness of subordination, and in-group marriage (n.a., 2012).
Race distinguishes groups of individuals based on noticeable physical differences. For example, here in the United States we categorize groups of individuals based on Black, Native American, Arab American, Japanese American, Chinese American and other Asian people (n.a., 2012).
Ethnicity distinguishes groups of individuals based on origin and cultural.   Cultural traits and/or forbidden from becoming part of society are what make this group distinctive.   The race group is not determined in the ethnic group due to the fact that it includes Irish Americans, Polish American and Norwegians Americans (n.a., 2012).
Religion distinguishes groups based on groups of individuals that worship faiths other than the more dominant faith of Christianity. Most people of the more dominate group such as the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Amish, Muslims and Buddhists often misunderstand and stigmatize other religions. Also, cults, demon worship or practice with animal sacrifices are also included (n.a., 2012).

Gender distinguishes groups of individuals based on males and females. Due to the fact that males are the social majority, females are considered minority. Because females are already minority, they have it extremely hard when in other groups such as racial, ethnic and religion (n.a., 2012).
The four ways racial, ethnic, religion and gender are the ways we group people to be identified. The characteristics that each of the groups share affects the way a group of people interact with others. The ways in which groups...

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