How Have Cultural Anthropologists Sought to Combat Racism?

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How have cultural anthropologists sought to combat racism? Anthropologists have long disputed the concept of race and culture; history shows multiply Anthropologists different views and beliefs on this topic. Some have fueled the spread of racism with accepted prejudices, while other have committed their life works to using science to disprove these embedded theories, and prove equality of all people and cultures they belong to. In this essay I with explore a range of Anthropologists different views and opinions of race in relation to racism. We see society as varying into different divisions but we can all be seen as one race, the human race. Race is more than just the visual elements of an individual and their heritage, race can be explained as a way of separating society based on these things, as well as cultural practices and beliefs. Race develops as more than just the physical differences of one society from the next, cultural beliefs and traditions tell just as much if not more about an individual race than skin tone or physicality. Race is the idea and devise of separating settled people in order to control, divide and rank. This tactic was used by colonial powers during expansion and conquest by western Europeans beginning 1400s. Racism can be seen when different groups of people are placed into a hierarchy depending on their race, it is the idea that one race is more superior to another. In history, scientists have argued to prove that Africans, Indians, and Europeans were separate species, with Africans being closer to the apes therefore the least human. Ill-treatment of an individual or group based on their ancestry is racism, whether it be because of skin tone, cultural beliefs or economic class. The ideas behind racism were formed so that society could place some groups of people or cultures at a lower status of cultural worth, intelligence, and

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