What Are George Washington's Leadership Qualities

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George Washington accomplishments during the Revolutionary War showed his leadership qualities and courage. In the 1700’s, Colonial America was shaped by many forces and challenges, but none more profound than the need for freedom and independence, a desire which had been growing for decades as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow so eloquently put it, “The fate of a nation was riding that night” when Paul Revere rode to warn the patriots of the approaching British, thus sparking the colonial rebellion against British rule. The theme of a downtrodden people seeking escape from bondage echoes throughout history. Our own Revolutionary War served as inspiration for the French Revolution and other revolts against tyranny, which continue to this day. To make the dream of…show more content…
He wanted to attack the British in Boston, but when Benedict's mission failed, his council of war didn't want it to happen. In the winter of 1775 and 1776, he was forced to sit out. Washington may have been surprised to know that many "Yankee" parents were naming their newborn sons after him. Also that winter, around New Year, Tom Paine published a book, Common Sense. This pamphlet explained vividly what the Americans were up against in the war. Common Sense urged many Loyalists to rule themselves; to want independence. This book sold 500,000 copies, becoming America's first best-seller. Early in March, Washington was put back in command. He seized the heights, commanding Boston and its harbor. George forced the British to end the siege, and to sail away north to Nova Scotia. Along with them fled1,100 Loyalist refugees. These people were among the wealthiest families of the colony. Afterwards, North New England and Massachusetts were free of the redcoats for the rest of the war. Meanwhile, the British were plotting. They wanted to regroup in Halifar, so they could invade New York and capture New York

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