Chapter Summary Of King George Washington

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The book begins in Britain where the King and Parliament are expressing their concerns on engaging in a war with their colonies. “America must be made to obey.” America was in open revolt, they declared, and they denounced as traitors those who labored to agitate the people in America. There was a conspiracy going on. All the time they had been professing loyalty to the parent state, they were preparing for rebellion. Opposing ideas were being expressed in the parliament in England, some supporting others against the war. The portraits of the Georges on both sides of the Atlantic were provided. King George III, so often portrayed as awkward, arrogant, is given a more thoughtful treatment, he considered the colonists to be petulant subjects without legitimate complaint. His attitude led him to underestimate the will and capabilities of the Americans, “the war with ‘our brethren’ in America was unjust… fatal and ruinous to our country.” At that point in the revolution, George Washington was chosen as the commander-in-chief and he was making wise decision on choosing his…show more content…
While the armed soldiers were firing into the city of Boston at night, the men who didn't have guns moved the artillery to Dorchester Heights. General Washington had them place the cannons pointed towards the British camps in the city. When Howe noticed how many cannons were pointed at him and his troops. He couldn't believe how much work the Americans had done in just one night. "The rebels have done more in one night than my whole army could do in months." knowing that Washington's troops had placed their artillery on Dorchester Heights so they could command Boston, threaten the British Army, and make Boston Harbor unsafe for any British ship. First General Howe planned to attack back on Dorchester Heights. In the end, he decided just to leave Boston and move his troops to New York. And here it was the American first
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