The Turning Point In American History

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The American Revolution was one the most important events in American history. Most people think that it was a war fought between the British and Americans for American independence and that the Americans had won. The Americans were tired of the British testing their power in the new colonies, so they had started to smuggle and boycott goods from Britain. Eventually the colonies grew impatient and decided that they wanted their independence. The year 1763 was marked as a turning point in American History. The war between France and Britain for Colonial dominance in North America had ended. The British now controlled all of the lands discovered in North America but now had the large problem of developing an Imperial program for the much bigger empire. Britain would soon come to learn that the new colonies could determine their own destiny. The colonies had become a melting pot as more and more immigrants came to find a new life in America. Most of the white immigrants that come over during the “new immigration” were Scotch Irish and Germans. Both ended up settling in central Pennsylvania, Maryland, and even as far south as Virginia and the Carolinas. During that time around three hundred and fifty thousand African Americans were brought over…show more content…
The Tea Act gave the British East India Company a trade monopoly on tea exported to the colonies in America. Merchants in response to the act cancelled orders of tea and refused to by any after the act was put into place. The governor of Massachusetts then ordered that three ships in the Boston harbor to unload and deposit their cargo and that the colonists would then pay for the goods. On the night of December 16th, 1773 sixty men boarded the ships disguised as Native Americans boarded the ships that were carrying the tea. They then dumped the entire shipment of the tea into the harbor. The event became known as the Boston Tea

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