What Are Daniel Louis Armstrong's Major Accomplishments

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Personal Information Full name: Daniel Louis Armstrong; Nickname: "Satchmo"; Born: July 4, 1900, in New Orleans, Louisiana; Died: July 6, 1971, on Long Island, New York; Genres: Jazz; Styles: Vocal Jazz, Traditional Pop, New Orleans Jazz, Classic Jazz, Swing; Instruments: Vocals, Leader, Trumpet; Married: Daisy Parker (divorced,…show more content…
Appearing in the theatrical revue Hot Chocolates, he sang "Fats" Waller's (1904–1943) "Ain't Misbehavin'," Armstrong's first popular song hit. From this period Armstrong performed mainly popular song material, which presented a new challenge. Some notable performances resulted. His trumpet playing reached a peak around 1933. His style then became simpler, replacing the experimentation of his earlier years with a more mature approach that used every note to its greatest advantage. He rerecorded some of his earlier songs with great results. In 1924, Armstrong enjoyed a brief stint with bandleader and arranger Fletcher Henderson in New York City. By the time jazz pianist Lil Hardin, who would become the second of his three wives, persuaded Armstrong to work independently around 1925, he had switched from the cornet to the trumpet. During the next few years he made recordings fronting his own musicians; depending on the number assembled, they were known as the Hot Five or the Hot Seven. Around the same time, Armstrong is credited with the invention of the jazz technique of scat singing--legend has it that Armstrong dropped his sheet music during a recording session and had to substitute vocal improvisations until someone picked up the sheets for him. Also during this period, his experimentations led him to break free of the more rigid Dixieland style of jazz to pave the way for a more modern jazz

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