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In the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans, Louisiana on august 4, 1901, jazz musician Louis Armstrong was born. He was also known as “Satchmo” because of the size of his mouth and “Pops.” He grew up in a rough section of New Orleans in a poor family. He played in small clubs, played at funerals and parades at a young age. Joe “King” Oliver noticed Armstrong, and became his mentor. Armstrong, known for playing the trumpet, moved to New York City in 1924 to play with Fletcher Henderson. In 1925 as band leader of Hot Five, he made his first recordings in Chicago. He toured in England in 1932 for three months Armstrong stayed busy setting up band rehearsals and playing for his fans up until just days before his death on July 6, 1971 (Louis Armstrong).…show more content…
His profile also blossomed by playing with other artists like the Mills Brothers, Louis Jordan, Tommy Dorsey, and Ella Fitzgerald. Many great musicians influenced Louis Armstrong. He, in turn, is said to have influenced nearly every singer who followed him. (Louis Armstrong) Dizzy Gillespie once said of Armstrong “If it had not been for him, there would have been none of us.” When asked who most influenced Billie Holiday, she replied about Louis Armstrong “He didn’t say words, but somehow it just moved me so. It sounded like he was making love to me. That’s how I wanted to sing”

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