Robert Fleischmann: Music Analysis

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Kammeron Brown HUM2525 Class: M W 5:30 Pro. Robert Fleischmann The artist I choose is Kenny G Kenneth Bruce Gorelick was born June 5, 1956, better known by his stage name Kenny G, is a Grammy winning American, adult contemporary and smooth jazz saxophonist. first came into contact with a saxophone when he heard someone performing with one on The Ed Sullivan Show.He started playing the saxophone in 1966 when he was 10 years old I would say he is a child prodigy. He learned how to play under the direction of local trumpeter Gerald Pfizer and by practicing along with records, trying to emulate the sounds that he was hearing. His first saxophone was a Buffet Crampon alto The type of genre is a Jazz, Easy Listening music the musical forces in this song is he primarily plays the Soprano saxophone but his Secondary are the Alto saxophone,Tenor, saxophone, Flute. He is a composer and songwriter. In his album I choose Breathless which is the sixth studio album by Kenny G. It was released in 1992, and reached number 1 on the Contemporary Jazz Albums…show more content…
Kenny G is a fine player with an attractive sound who often caresses melodies, putting a lot of emotion into his solos. Because he does not improvise much, his music largely falls outside of jazz. However, because he is listed at the top of "contemporary jazz" charts and is identified with jazz in the minds of the mass public, he is classified as jazz. Kenny G has long been the musician many jazz listeners love to hate. A phenomenally successful instrumentalist whose recordings make the pop charts, Kenny G's sound has been a staple on adult contemporary and smooth jazz radio stations since the mid-'80s, making him a household

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