Western Cowboy Research Paper

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Teresa Hoff D.F. 2.1 When I think of cowboys I think of the ones on the western movies, the cowboys who were the outlaws who did not follow the rules. I also get the other image of the heroic western cowboy who swoops in to save the day. I also think of gun fights when I think of western cowboys. Image one depicts a William Cody Wild West show. It was most likely at the end of the show. This show was at the World Fair in Chicago. Cody was dressed as a General. His horse is the only one that is dressed up, which means he is a general. This picture has both the cowboys and Indians. So this must have been after their battle scene in the show. Both the cowboys and Indians are on horseback. The Indians are dressed in their war or battle…show more content…
African American cowboys were one of the first people to become cowboys, along with the Indians and the Spanish. The whites became cowboys afterwards. African American cowboys were known for herding cattle. These cowboys are dressed in the western style attire as well, but they do not seem to have any guns. Images one and two are very similar to each other. This is because the both have to do with western shows that happened, and fairs and carnivals. These photos also are similar in that the cowboys are more dressed up and not dressed like a typical western cowboy would have been. They are dressed to impress, not to work. Images three, four and five are very similar. They remind me more of the reading. They give us the real image of a true western cowboy. These pictures also show them, doing their work. You also get the whole picture of how hard the cowboys worked. All of these images can be compared to the reading. We read about how many African Americans went west. This is because they wanted to get land of their own and do their own work. They were tired of working for the White man. We also read about how the cowboys would herd the cattle. Lastly we read about the Wild west shows, and William Cody. This pictures really give me a better understanding of the chapter as a
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