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Cowboys as Seen Through the American Eye Cowboys and Indians! Youngsters abroad play the game toting fake guns and tiny sheriff star pins. The game which all youngsters play with fake guns and tiny sheriff star pins. The Indians of course with feathers and face paint. Even as they grew older they watched films with Cowboys and Indians, with the “bad guys” on trains running the west. Older Westerns were silent and colorless, but told a story. In the present there is sound, color, and still has a story to tell but it can be told in faster fashion than in late 1800’s and early 1900’s. A comparison of old Western movies to new age western movies can be made by exploring characters, settings, and changes in film making…show more content…
“Thanks to Hollywood, virtually everyone knows the ingredients of the Western—the lassos, and the colt 45’s; the long-horned steers and the hanging trees; the stage coaches and the Stetson hats; the outlaws and the lawmen; the gamblers and the gunfighters,” Says Gary Johnson. The movies paved the way for the character known as a Cowboy. The cowboys wore chaps, which are leather leggings that are worn over the man’s trousers joined by a belt. They also wore the traditional cowboy hat. Heroes were what they were referred to as because they portrayed as strong and rugged sitting high on their horses. In Arizona the cowboy wore chaps and used a lasso. However the Texan cowboy is pictured with fringed buckskin pants. And a bigger change is in Montana where they would wear goat-hair angoras to keep warm in the winter (McDowell 35). Another quality most people remember is that cowboys always drank whiskey in the bars. And to top off the old character you have to add the gun powdered…show more content…
Cowboys still wear the traditional cowboy hats, as do people who choose that as a costume. The lassos are still used but not as much because of the new age. In some movies, and in real life, the cowboys now use trucks to round up the cattle as OPPOSED to using their horses. HOWEVER The rugged strong heroic like presence is still about the character though. The men that play cowboys now are more clean cut with no facial hair and show off their six packs MUSCULAR FIGURE when they take their shirts off, to capture the attention of women. AS FOR THE Guns on the other hand…they do not use the gun powdered guns anymore. THE GUNS NOW Guns have bullets and shells now. They, “still engage in traditional occupational arts such as roping, branding, and earmarking, they also embrace the latest technology such as electronic identification tagging and selling cattle by video,” as Florida’s Cattle Ranching Traditions say in the History & the Arts Magazine. Last but not least, the cowboy’s favorite characteristic that has not gone away…drinking whiskey! MUCH LIKE IN THE OLD FILMS, THEY STILL RID OF THEIR SORROWS, THEIR PAST AND PRESENT WITH A FEW SHOTS OF

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