W. B. Caton Analysis

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New Mexico Art and Artists: W. B. Oldham and L. Caton New Mexico has a vast history of paintings dating back to the 1900’s beginning with buildings. Throughout that time art and artists have expanded their passions and hearts far throughout what would be considered normal. Artists have the tendency to do that since I believe it is the artist’s imagination that actually gives us a portrait of the world through other people’s eyes. In this paper I am going to describe two very successful, talented, and emotional artists and their artworks by the names of W. B. Oldham and L. Caton. These two inspiring artists have achieved so much within the time given to them that they have touched deep into the hearts of painters and people alike. I…show more content…
I guess L. Caton assumed we would figure out what it was about by the picture and paint. In this western artwork we see a cowboy herding some cattle across a trench in the ground. It is also painted with somewhat of the same colors as “Vanishing Americans”. This painting has a slight more detail though. I guess the artist was not trying to specify what he wanted to show or portray but what the west was about. I think that just the simple fact of herding cattle, and doing it by horseback has a meaning all in its own. It too also portrays the open range and both paintings seem to have blue skies. In New Mexico and North Texas, that is usually the type of weather we have. It is mostly blue skies and is really hot. The viewer can actually feel the heat if imagination was to be put into perspective. L. Caton did a great job in detail with the cattle and horses. This painting sort of has the real feeling in what is going on in the picture. Even thought both paintings or portraying the general idea of the open range and the wild west, each one seems to tell a different story. For example, L. Caton’s painting shows the loneliness and the hard work it takes to run a cattle drive and Oldham’s painting is showing the fading of what the old west used to be like and how it is
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