Buffalo Soldiers Movie Review

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Buffalo Soldiers (1997) Movie Review The story begins with the sad image of white Texas Rangers stringing up innocent Apache children in hopes of gathering information about Indian chief Victorio. This scene reminded me of the KKK lynching blacks. Luckily, the Buffalo Soldiers arrive in time to save the day and apprehend the rangers. The movie starts in the New Mexico Territory, ex-slave First Sergeant Wyatt (Danny Glover) and the Buffalo soldiers arrest Captain Draper and other Texas Rangers for the murder of the Indian children and trespassing on federal protected land, Captain Draper sets the tone with a nigger comment to First Sergeant Wyatt right before they take the Rangers into custody. Captain Draper would not have disrespected at white soldier but this movie takes place shortly after the end of the Civil War, when former slaves were given their freedom. Colored soldiers served in the West helping fight against the Indians. Being discriminated against and not accepted as men was a given during this time. Due to politics the Rangers are freed later, I saw this as a form of white privilege. Back at Fort Craig, Wyatt reports to anti-black General Pike (Tom Bower) and Col. Grierson (Bob Gunton), a white Officer responsible for assembling and supporting the black regiment. Buffalo Soldiers tells the story of First Sergeant Wyatt (Danny Glover), the boss of the H Troop of the 10th Cavalry. Based on real-life events, the film covers their dangerous search through the New Mexico landscape for the Apache warrior Victorio. When the unit returns to Fort Craig they are confronted with the newly arrived all-white Second Cavalry with its racist commander and the new post commander Gen. Pike (Tom Bower) who is openly hostile to the black soldier “experiment”. General Pike makes no secret of his contempt for blacks in the military. When Col. Grierson argues that 17

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