Were the Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers

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Founding Fathers of the United States of America were males who fought to achieve one common goal, liberty for Americans. John P. Roche, a political scientist believes that the Founding Fathers were both revolutionaries and politicians who created an acceptable political statement of fundamental laws that supported the needs of the American . On the other hand, Howard Zinn, a radical historian believes that the Founding Fathers were an elite group of northerners and southerners who used Shay's Rebellion to create a central government. From Roche's assertion, “the Founding Fathers were not only revolutionaries but also superb democratic politicians who created a constitution that supported the needs of the nation and at the same time was acceptable to the people.” Roche recognizes that the framers were collectively elites, but carefully points out that they were dedicated political elites who were trying to establish an effective but controlling national government that would be capable to overcome the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. They knew the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation; as a governing body, it lacked legislative power that was necessary to support a functional democracy. The important factor in the Constitutional Convention of the seventeenth century was powerless America. The United States was incapable of competing in the global economic because of lack of power to enforce laws and decrees in the states. They understood that a national government would definitely limit the power of total democracy. Without a strong central government, democracy was impossible thus America was propelling towards the gallows of failure. Roche asserts that only a functional governing body could effectively protect the earnestly fought for freedoms of the United States. ”When the Constitutionalists went forth to subvert the Confederation,
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