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Introduction The article discusses Harvey Finley and his desire to start his own firm selling copy machines. When starting his firm, although he could not afford a whole staff, He needed one immediate employee. Finley hired Cathy Brannen as a secretary/receptionist. When hiring her, Finley offered a salary of 14,000 plus a sales override of two percent of sales. Now that his company is prospering, Finley realizes that his “secretary” was paid 127,614.21 for her services last year and that she will earn at least 10 to 15 percent more money in the coming year. Finley was concerned by this and feels that something should be done. Key issues The article states “the average salary in the area for executives secretaries was probably between 22,000 and 25,000 per year” (Cousins, 1992, pg.5). Now that the company was flourishing, Finley had a staff of seventeen people. The best salesman had earned a salary ranging in the low sixties, while the managers earned an amount in the high forties to the mid fifties. Due to the sales override, the “receptionist” was making five times the amount of the other staff members. Problem/Opportunity Statement I feel that Finley has been presented with an opportunity to promote the receptionist. The salary being paid to Cathy Brennan is considered too high in the corporate world for a receptionist. According to Salary.Com, an executive receptionist in 2012 is making between “26,617 and 33,578.” Brennan’s enthusiasm, desire to learn, and customer service skills have proven her to be highly beneficial to the success of the firm. It is assumed in the article that the staff feels the same since Finley’s comptroller, Frank Bain, never mentioned any problems regarding the receptionist salary (Cousins, 1992). Finley relied on Brain to bring matters of importance to his attention. Although small adjustments should be made to Brennan’s

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