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WRITTEN Case Assignment: Kendle International 1. How is Kendle doing compared to other CRO companies? In 1990s the consolidation among the CROs began. Together with the increase in the M&A activity industry players started to go public as a response to the growth through the financial “roll-up” strategy. A CRO industry publication listed 18 top players in North America with total contract research revenues of 1,7 billion. The top 5 public companies comprised in 1,5 billion in revenues in 1996. Kendle is still able to keep up with the main industry peers. Its CAGR revenue and net income growth rate is 71.8% and 39.1% respectively compared to the 46.8% and 12.9% total CAGR revenues and net income of the largest 6 companies. Kendle Net Income margin of 5.3 % in 1996 is much higher than 1.6% of the Quintiles which is considered to be the “golden standard” of the industry and more than double more than 2.2% net income margins average. These good financial ratios can be explained by the in-depth control of financial performance of the Company by its owners and Kendle preparation to the IPO process. By 1996, Kandle conducted clinical trials for 12 of the world’s 20 largest pharmaceutical companies. Research is a labor-intensive business and Kendle focuses a lot on maximizing labor utilization on 65 % to 70% utulazation rate to make sure that the profit margins are higher, especially on the operational level. With a qualitative and experienced management team Kendle organized the well-defined organizational structure where all the strategic business units carried profit responsibility. At the same time there are figures that can lead Kendle to fall behinf its competitotrs. Client dependence is of the main business risks of the contract research industry. Kandle’s tree largest clients generated 80% of Kandle’s revenues in 1996. The “big five”

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