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Chapter 3 of Organizational Behavior discusses emotions, attitude and job satisfaction and how it influences an individual’s behavior at work. One of the most important factors any managers need to understand in managing people is Emotional Intelligence (EI). According to Bradberry, Greaves (2014) there are four important ingredients to this: Self awareness, social awareness, self management and relationship management (pg. 8). Case 1 talks about the success of the Trader Joe, the CEO of Seven Eleven convenience stores. I will exam how his charismatic management style influences has increased job satisfaction and positive performance from his employees and consumers through the use of the Emotional Intelligence. I will then determine how he uses planning; organizing, leading and controlling to promote positive performance of his employees. Creating job satisfaction begins first by providing a positive work environment. Trader Joe provides this to his employees. Trader Joe increases job satisfaction and performance for his employees by hiring manager only within the company, offering medical, dental, vision and my favorite; company paid retirement, it is rumored that, he pays his managers over $100,000 per year, what a great perk! Trader Joe’s managing process includes buying high end products and he is still able to sell them at a lower price, which allows him pay more to his employees. Kowitt states, (2010) by offering substantial salaries, Trader Joes say,” Happy customers spend more and visit the store more frequently. This attitude is rare in the retail industry at large, where employees are often seen as expendable (p.86). Well compensated equals to happy employees who are productive and passes this off to customers, in turn, leads to returning loyal customers which leads to referring more customer, which leads to more money for Trader Joe. Having

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