Weekly Study Question Genesis 1

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MODULE ONE AN INTRODUCTION TO GENESIS Bible Topics | * Mosaic Authorship * Dating of Genesis * Purpose of Writing * Theological Themes of Genesis | People to Know | Places to Know | Terms to Know | SpinozaAstruc | | Documentary TheoryCovenant History | Study Questions Answer the following questions (based on the reading), save it and then submit it to the professor. 1. What is the Documentary Theory? Theories of different authorship of the Pentatuech. Stating that different writing styles prove different authors than just Moses. 2. Give the “contributions” Spinoza and Astruc made to this theory. Spinoza raised serious doubt about the direct authorship of Moses, while Astruc was the first to isolate documentary sources for the Pentateuch. 3. How does Davis refute this theory? He uses the divine names, syle and vocabulary, the documents, and then internal evidence. 4. Give several examples of external evidences for Mosaic authorship? There are numerous references throughout the Pentateuch. The Old Testament also has referneces that Moses authored. The Talmub and Philo would concur. 5. Give several examples of internal evidences for Mosaic authorship? The writer must have been living in the times because the knowledge of the desert. Many things indicate that this was organized and collected by one man. 6. Does any one specific evidence stand out to you more than the rest? Which one? Why? I think that it speaks of authorship and that it has thought to be Mosaic authorship, I have to think that he had some part in collecting the Pentateuch 7. What is significant about the date for the writing of the book of Genesis (not about the events of Genesis)? 8. Is it important to know exactly how old the earth is? Why or why not? I do not think it is important to know the exact age of the earth, but you should have a

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