Week 6 Case Study Hrm - Devry

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1. When prospective employees are exploring employer options with similar salary bases, they will immediately compare the benefits packages to make their decision. A prospective employer needs to have a great benefits package for the employee to decide he or she wants to work for the company. Once an organization has successfully recruited an employee, they need to keep the employee loyal and happy. In the case of Genentech and Zappos, they understand their employees and they understand that “money talks” and time is money. In today’s market, employees are looking for more of a work-life balance and a less stressful working environment. Genentech and Zappos do a great job at showing employees they are valued members of the company by including benefits like nap rooms, unlimited personal leave, flexible schedules, childcare, and many more along the same lines. By showing the employees they care, Genentech and Zappos are able to have higher quality, motivated employees because they have a higher visibility to the job market due to their quirky benefits. These benefits are key to ensuring you are able to fulfill the goals of HRM because they allow an organization to attract the most qualified and enthusiastic employees. It also allows prospective employees to view your organization as innovative and ahead in the industry if you include extra benefits like unlimited personal days, nap rooms, mother rooms, and on campus daycare for your children. These benefits can be the difference a prospective employee choosing your organization or your competitors. 2. Genentech and Zappos are using employee benefits as a motivating tool simply by showing their employees they are valued. Based on the article in our textbook, Genentech has been on Fortune’s “Best Places to Work” for eleven years. The reason for this is the strong organization culture and the benefits that are

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