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Case 1-1 FedEx: managing quality day and night Question 1- The perspectives that are being emphasized by FedEx are both system and the human resource perspectives. they emphasize on these two perspectives because of their importance toward the achievement of FedEx long term goals. By training the employees to do it right from the first time , also it teachs them 1-10-100 rule. beside its focus on its external customers FedEx’s approach to quality also involves streghtening the bonds between its internal customers or employees . FedEx adopted an aggressive training program from competitive wages and profit sharing , bonuses , and a state of the art employee grievience process that are part of the PSP philosophy . by doing all of these things it will reflect positively on the performance of FedEx employees hence the quality of the service they deliver and the satisfaction of the internal customers will reflect also to the satisfaction of the customers with the speed and the quality of the service they are receiving . Another perspective that is being emphasized by FedEx is the system perspective where it focuses on the service side and that the customer becomes more the central in the thinking of the FedEx operation managers. the reason behind adopting this perspective is the aim to fulfil cutomers expectations and keeping them satisfied by delivering on time. Quality management at FedEx compasses all of its operations. also by adopting QAT’s Quality Action Teams who design work processes to support new product and service offerings. Question 2 FedEx common language of quality is People –Service-Profit (PSP). It articulates that when people are placed firs, service and profit follow. Another would be its QIP program which also articulates that quality must be a part of the way that FedEx does Business, not part of the time, but all the time. Thus themes such as

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