Weavers And Wet Nurses Chapter Summary

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Alice Sewah Professor Migesso Anthropology 2/13/12 Weavers and Wet Nurses In the novel A Crisis of Births: Population Politics and Family-Making in Italy. There are many different issues in the novel talking about life back in Italy in the 1950’s. Each chapter talks about different issues that people in Italy were dealing with. In chapter two there was one that seemed pretty interested to me “Weavers and Wet Nurses” and since my major is nursing I wanted to read further into it. A wet nurse is a woman who breastfeeds a baby that is not her own. According to a 1901 census about sixty-eight percent of the house hold had between about three and seven members. Most women and men occupation connected to the straw weaving industry. That shows that there weren’t any other jobs better than weaving. Even though many women did the same hard labor jobs like the men’s did, it was still count less than what men’s did. In 1893, there was a report on women’s labor signed by the mayor, noted that women’s work was “limited to the fabrication of straw plaits for hats.” They looked up to the women to do the weaving jobs, because they depend on them for the global economy such as hats that are destined for sales in places like Great Britain, U.S, and Argentina. Even…show more content…
McKenna also compared how co-sleeping mothers get more sleep than mothers who infants sleep in the crib. That is true under some circumstances because mothers who sleep with their babies, don’t have to keep getting up and check on the baby in the crib, because the baby would be laying right next to her, as opposed to them, have to keep getting up and check on the baby in the crib. Not only has that but, also women whose partners help them out on domestic task had lower levels of stress also reports higher degrees of

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