We Beat The Street

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Atiyyah Burgess English 3 E-zone Essay/ We Beat the Street We Beat the Street is very inspirational and up lifting. It potentially gives youth a different view on life and helps them to make wise and reasonable decisions that will lead them success. It also shows youth how to face peer pressure, gang violence, drug use and the difficulties of being young and African American. This book places a positive image on every reader. We Beat the Street aims toward encouraging youth to be determined to succeed, inspires youth to learn from other people’s mistakes and teaches youth to believe in overcoming struggles of life. Throughout the book the friendship pact worked hard and was truly dedicated to everything they wanted to accomplish. Instead of the negative impact in their community affecting who they strive to be, it pushed them into wanting something out of life. They recognized the potential that lied in each others heart and wanted to overcome the distinguish odds against them and strive for opportunity. We Beat the Street gives youth the eye and encouragement to become determined to succeed by reaching out to educate and mentoring them about how significant life is. They portray to youth the moments in their life when they had to live above the influence and depend on each other for strength. We Beat the Street teaches youth a valuable lesson of making mistakes and how they can ruin everything. For example Rameck picked fights with people that could have cost him his whole future. Each time he made a mistake he was very close to jeopardizing everything just for acting foolish. Although he was blessed with another chance, they want to emphasize to youth that wise people learn from other people mistakes. They provided youth with a understanding on how mistakes lead to dead ends in the road of life. We Beat the Street shows youth how three intelligent

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