Bullying With Dpryde Essay

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If you give in to peer pressure then everyone will treat you like crap and bully you around. Bullying has been going on for a long time and is very bad. It is one of the leading causes of suicide. This song makes you believe that everything will be all right in the end. The song “Keep Ya Head Up” by D-Pryde uses rhyme, metaphors, and pathos to contribute to the motivational tone and the theme that says no matter what happens to you, keep your head up and everything will solve itself, and to not anyone bring you down. In this song, D-Pryde uses metaphors to give more depth. This also helps to create an understanding of what he is talking about. It also helps give feeling to the song. “Cause I make it rain and you stuck where the umbrellas be.” This says that he is out being successful and they are not. This song uses metaphors to help with the tone of sympathy. He uses it to help with the tone of sympathy. He uses it to tell the people that are struggling with their life that everything will be ok in the end. “With youth struggling, I’m hearing the voices, some kids are doing good but some have bad choices.” This quote means that he sees’s kids struggling and making bad decisions and his conscience is telling him to do something about it. In this song, D-Pryde uses rhyme to make the song catchy. It also makes the listener hooked to the song. “So, keep your head up homie as long as it’s true, and if you have a bad day then this song is for you.” In this verse he rhymes true and you together to make it catchy. The rhyming also makes the song interesting. If used properly you can create a special effect that jumps out of the rest of the line or even the whole song. Used in the right mix with rhythm it can also make a very addictive effect. It will make you want to listen to the song over and over again if it is used well. “it’s so hard to stay up when they keep

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