Watching Othello Live-the Experience

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April 15, 2013
Extra Credit Response According to Aristotle’s six elements of drama, Othello was the tragic hero whose weakness for having faith in those who he thinks tell the truth (Iago) allows him to be manipulated and blinded his jealousy that Iago created as an illusion. This downfall of his led to the death of Desdemona. Othello’s lack for evidence, such as proof of the handkerchief, allowed tragedy to occur in the play.
Seeing the play Othello live rather than reading it from a book allowed me to understand the writing and meaning of Shakespeare. Watching Othello, I already knew the underlined themes and symbolism, etc. because I had gone over it in previous classes; however, while I was watching the play I tried to block out what I “imagined” had occurred versus what the director’s vision of the play was. One of the reasons I do not like to read a play before watching it is because it conflicts with my vision or version of what it would have been. For instance, I imagined Iago as a very sinful villain and not as slick as he was played; however I can see both character directions. None the less, the play and actors were very good and I loved how the director made use of the space. The space was really small and close but I loved the usage of the four corners as entrances and exists for the characters. The usage of the space allowed me to feel as if I was in the room with the characters as opposed to a larger theatre. For me, I found the acting to me more realistic than the other plays we had been to; possibly because the actors were more professional. The actors were very vivid and life like meaning that I felt as if they were the characters that they played compared to Houdini were I felt that I was a bit out of the experience. I loved the idea of how the director made use of the space with the characters when they interacted. For instance,
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