What Was The Pros And Cons Of The Monroe Doctrine

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Washington and Monroe believed that the United States should not become involved in European affairs because of the weakness of the US. They didn’t want to get involved in foreign affairs because they did not have the muscle to deal with war if war should come. They figured that it was better to not get involved than to get involved and work themselves into a corner. It is possible to follow the Monroe Doctrine today, if one is referring to political affairs, and not to trade. Just because its possible doesn’t mean we should or are doing it. Isolation has been tried before. Look how that turned out. The World Wars were an example of this. Besides, we need to trade with other nations to get the materials we need, such as gas and oil.…show more content…
Overall, I do not think that Washington and Monroe’s doctrine is usable today. The possibility or remaining isolationists was lost when America became a superpower. When that happened, other nations began to look up to America for assistance. Plus, the US want to be involved to help so that if they need help, other nations would be willing to help in return. The Monroe Doctrine states that the continents of North and South America should be able to develop without interference from the Europe. It did not allow those from a European country to control/colonize any property in America. It basically said that this continents are ours to police, not for Europe to colonize or conquer. The Monroe Doctrine included Hawaii and Cuba
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