Law 310 Final Paper

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LAWS 310 - Week 1 Week 1 – Assignment Page 70, questions 1 & 2 1. Do you share Toyota’s vision that all workers should sacrifice in order to avoid layoffs for permanent workers? I believe that the vision Toyota has in regards to all workers having to sacrifice in order to avoid layoffs for permanent workers is perhaps one of the most sound business structures I think a company can have. If your employees take on a job knowing that they are more secured with your company then with another, their work ethic as well as their performance will remain completely loyal. The fact that both lower scale employees and upper management / corporate employees are all suffering equally, it gives hope that something has to turn around as soon…show more content…
Should American companies refuse to do business in countries that a. Do not practice democracy? Not at all! I have always believed that personal issues are personal and business issues are business. The two should never be intermixed. The fact that America wants to have all other countries follow in what we do is completely ridiculous. b. Routinely practice discrimination? I believe that this concern should be left to the company owners as individuals. Personally, I don’t agree with the fact that the way America gets other countries to bend over backwards is by threatening to cut off financial business ties. I feel that America is trying to gain control of the world by doing so. However, I do agree that any sort of discrimination is unethical and should not be tolerated. That is something that each countries governments should have control over, not a foreign country that threatens to cut off business associations. c. Tolerate or even encourage the abuse of children? Explain. This is one of the only excuses that I believe American companies should not be doing business with foreign countries that allow or encourage the abuse of children. Why? Well, because it’s those countries that will continue to exploit children because of greed and to keep seeing a
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