Was the Reichstag Fire the Main Reason of Hitlers Power?

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The Reichstag Fire was not the main reason Hitler was able to establish a dictatorship and ultimately become chancellor to Fuhrer. His lead up to consolidating power is due to a combination of events including the the fire itself , the banning of trade unions and political parties,the Enabling Act,Night of the Long Knives,death of Hindenburg and an army oath. The Reichstag fire was useful to Hitler and was one of the reasons that Hitler successfully established a dictatorship by 1934. The Reichstag building in Berlin was destroyed by fire and a Dutch communist was found at the scene and the Nazis claimed that this was a communist plot to take over Germany. Hitler used this to express fear of communism and display anti-communist messages through media and speeches.He also used this to pass down a Law for the Protection of People and State, this presidential decree was regarded by historians as an important factor in Hitler establishing a one-party Nazi state. It enabled him to arrest a large amount of communists and hold them for a long time without trial,imprison anyone considered opponents to the Nazi and suppress any publications and newspapers that were not friendly to the Nazi cause. The anti-communist messages they used and the Reichstag fire used to justify this message and the imprisoning of opponents were indeed effective as in March 1933 the Nazis achieved their best ever election result (44% of the votes). The enabling act aslo was important to establish a dictatorship in Germany. The Reichstag voted itself out of existence where the communists were banned from voting and the Social Democrats and Centre Party voted for the Enabling Act to be passed down. It is because of the Enabling Act that Germany changed from a democracy to a dictatorship directly where this Act gave him the constitutional power to pass on any laws without the approval of
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