Was the English Civil War a Success?

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The commencement of the English Civil War was due to political conflicts between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists, and took place from 1642 to 1651. The first war was from 1642 to1646 and the second was from 1648 to 1649, which was between the supporters of King Charles I, and the supporters for the Long Parliament. The third and final war was from 1649 to 1651, which had seen fighting between the supporters of Charles II and supporters of the Rump Parliament. During these major wars, what were the events that occurred that made them such successes or failures? With the introduction of Charles I in 1625, Scotland and England had relative peace. Charles I had hoped to combine the kingdoms of England, Scotland and also Ireland, but the English Parliamentarians were suspicious of this move. With the wars soon approaching, what were the causes of it, or were there more reasons to why the English Civil War had started? The end result of the war was countries without monarchs, who slowly tried to rebuild their political awareness. There were many events in the wars that had an effect on England, Scotland and Ireland, with these wars came many casualties and benefits and because of these facts, the wars were seen as a success or/and failure. The First English Civil War began in early 1642 and at first, most of the country remained neutral, but most of the cities were in favor of the Parliament. Neither side had many supporters at first, but eventually support spread and involved all the levels of society. Although many areas tried to be neutral, they found it hard to go against the King and the Parliament. The King and his supporters were fighting for a traditional government in the Church and State, while supporters of the Parliament were defending the traditional balance of the Church and State. When Charles went to Nottingham, he used the archaic
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