Was Hamlet Belief Himself Crazy?

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WAS HAMLET BELIEF HIMSELF CRAZY? Was Hamlet belief himself crazy? No, he was not. There are some indication can be used to say whether someone is crazy or not. Firstly, someone should have mental instability and abnormal behavior. Secondly, someone who is crazy has a condition that driving to operate outside of societal norms (www.wisegeek.com). As far as I know from the play, Hamlet still uses his mind to think what he does. Hamlet did not show the indicator of insanity that I stated above. I will not say that Hamlet is totally not crazy in this play. After the death of Hamlet’s father, there are many occurrences that shaking Hamlet’s mentality. In the play, Hamlet is pretending to be crazy because he want to revenge his uncle, King Claudius. To show that my answer to this question is right, I will explain my reasons why I am really sure that Hamlet is not crazy and I will give the evidences to support my arguments. The first, someone will be called as crazy man if he has mental instability. It does not happen to Hamlet. In Act 1 Scene 1, Hamlet says “O, that this too too solid flesh would melt. Thaw and resolved itself into a dew! or that the everlasting had not fixed. His canon ‘gaist self-slaughter! O God! God! How weary, stale, flat and profitable. Seem to me all the uses of this world!”. In Hamlet’s soliloquy above, Hamlet is not a person with mental instability although he just feels the deep condolence of his father’s death. He only suppressed because he thinks that the God made as if the suicidal is legal to him and it is accepted by the God. By the condition that Hamlet has at that time, Hamlet thinks that leaving the world is better to him. To my opinion, it is a common feeling if someone suffers from a lose one that he loves then he feels depression. Moreover, the king Hamlet is a great figure to Hamlet because Hamlet is closer to his father than

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