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Romeo and Juliet By: Steff Commentary This section may appear to readers as unimportant because it is just Capulet and Tybalt talking and nothing happens. On the contrary, this passage illustrates how the characters handle situations given. This may foreshadow problems for each character such as maybe future aggressive conflict with Tybalt. The character Capulet is all a façade. He appears warm hearted and eager to end the conflict at first but then you see his real intentions and his real state of mind is focused on “what the people want” and not what is best for Romeo under the given circumstances of the families’ feud. He is materialistic. Tybalt, unlike Capulet, has no sense of discretion. It would be best to take Romeo aside and quietly tell him to be on his way. So far it appears to be that the Prince, Capulet, and Tybalt don’t know how to handle situations. This each has their own tragic flaw that adds to the story and will contribute to the downfall of Romeo and Juliet. It is in this scene that we really see the personalities of Tybalt and Capulet and how they will affect the story line. If Tybalt and Capulet were never to have the private conversation, then we would never see them as they truly are and would never quite understand their personalities. It is said that the behind the scenes is what is real as opposed to the play that is shown. Romeo and Juliet Character Analysis Tybalt and Capulet In Act One Scene 5 of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is at a party uninvited and Tybalt catches him. He is furious and begins to curse upon his name and swears on his kids that he will kill Romeo and not feel it to be a sin. Tybalt is illustrated as ill tempered and impatient. He is always looking for a fight. This is shown through out the scene when he is trying to convince his uncle to kill him. This is foreshadowing the book

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