Walmart Vs. Publix

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Angela Friedly Enc-1101 Essay #2-Comparison or Contrast Essay Due-October 13, 2010 A Shopping Paradise After high school graduation, I started working a full time job to support myself and soon faced money management dilemmas. I quickly found out that I needed to start shopping smarter, especially when it came to the necessities of life, like groceries. I decided that I needed to find a store that offered high quality products at the best value possible. I had grown up shopping at chain grocery stores, Publix in particular. The first time I purchased groceries and household items from my own wallet, I learned that I needed to find a more economical store that could offer me “more bang for my buck”. So basically, this is when I said, “Good Bye Publix,” and, “Hello Walmart”. It was undeniable to me on my very first trip to Walmart that the choices, value, and convenience that Walmart offers is far superior to that of Publix. First of all, Walmart has more product options to choose from than Publix. Walmart usually has a minimum of four to five options to choose from per grocery item. The grocery item choices alone are so EXPANSIVE that they could fill up an entire Publix store. With row after row, and aisle after aisle, the choices seem endless. In addition to groceries, most Walmart stores offer a variety of household necessities as well. These products also have numerous options from which to choose. Because they offer a multitude of brands for a majority of their items, this tends to initiate competitiveness between product manufacturers. This competition results in lower prices that are passed down to consumers. In contrast, Publix’s primary focus is being a grocery store. They offer limited choice options for most of their grocery items, sometimes as few as only two brands. Also, their household items choices are very SMALL and
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